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WST-BRRM certification, Life-style diseases

From 10 April 2024 until 22 April 2024
Aquatic therapy in lifestyle diseases The course will address two main themes: - The cluster (neuroplastic) pain – sleep disorder – depression – bowel dysfunction - Metabolic syndrome, inflammageing, DM2 Keywords will be: The immuno-metabolic system: low grade inflammation, particularly neuroinflammation The heart-brain axis and the gut-brain axis Desensitization of the central nervous system Addressing the prefrontal cortex through e.g. gamification: intrinsic motivation to move Aerobic and anaerobic exercise, using a graded activity approach Mindful movement: proprioceptive exercise under the radar of pain Physical passive relaxation with active mental involvement The intervention tactics that are used will vary from passive movement in which clients actively relax to experience embodiment, to high intensity interval training addressing lactic metabolism in support of immune processes (balancing cytokine levels).

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