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Aquatic motor-cognitive therapy and Clinical Ai Chi

From 14 February 2024 until 19 February 2024

Information in Polish:


Clinical questions to be addressed in this course are e.g.:

  • How can Ai Chi be used to:
    • Increase the mediolateral stability of Parkinson patients
    • Train hip-strategies in patients with low back pain
    • Increase the resilience of fascia and work on proprioception as basis for mindful movement
    • Increase the functional reach in patients with an increased fall risk
  • What can we do in the pool to:
    • Facilitate large and high steps, important to prevent falling in the elderly
    • Challenge reactive postural control with unexpected perturbations
    • Train stumble-strategies
    • Activate the gluteal muscles, necessary for safe lateral stepping in stroke
  • Can we activate executive functions during aquatic sessions by:
    • Including memory function, e.g. remember 5 ways of walking and repeat
    • Asking for problem solving: e.g. can you walk to the other poolside in 10 sec and make every step the same length (e.g. after hip surgery)
    • Focusing on concentration: walk behind someone else and copy the walking pattern exactly


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